MotivCommunity Code of Conduct

MotivCommunity's purpose is to provide an environment that allows runners to be inspired, supported and motivated. By signing up and using the community you agree to our Community Code of Conduct and to always have your participation based on the above community aims.

1. Questions should be sincere attempts to obtain helpful and supportive information related to running

  • The primary intention of a question should be to obtain or provide information, not to argue a point or make a statement.
  • Questions should not be used to promote a business or service.
  • Questions should encourage answers with explanation and should be as open-ended as possible.

2. Questions and Answers should be clearly written

  • Questions/Answers in MotivCommunity require correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization, consist of complete sentence(s) and should contain enough information to make clear how answers can meet their expectations.

3. Questions/Answers should comply with MotivCommunity site policies

  • Questions/Answers about individuals that are hurtful, mean-spirited or likely to make the person uncomfortable aren't allowed.
  • Questions/Answers that constitute harassment and have the potential to make the experience of using MotivCommunity unpleasant or uncomfortable for group(s) of users will be deleted and that user banned.
  • All content on MotivCommunity, including questions, answers, and discussions should be written in English.
  • Legal and medical questions/answers that deal with client- or patient-specific facts are not allowed and may be deleted or reworded to describe a general situation.
  • Questions/Answers may be deleted or reworded by admin(s) if they contravene policy.
  • Questions/Answers that have the same meaning, will be merged into the question/answer with the phrasing that is simplest and most commonly asked.
  • Topics should be used to help people find information easier and faster

Please remember that with all participation in the community you are trying to provide an environment for people to learn and be inspired to further their running abilities. Everyone is on a different journey with running. Please respect each other and individuals journey's.