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Karen Birch

Runner, Burnley, UK

“During the lockdown I needed a way to keep healthy and clear my head. I started running and got hooked. Now being able to chat to other runners, learn more about how to look after my body and set new challenges, I am feeling more motivated and healthier than ever before! ”


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Just Starting Out

Help reduce any worries you have about starting to run, learn about the best way to train and look after your body

Planning my First Race

Make sure you achieve your race aims with more technical detail on preparations, training and racing in the right way for you.

Experienced but want to improve my overall abilities

Used to running regularly? Great we can give you some more tips on running form, pace improvements and nutrition to help you keep improving.

Have a Question about Running or need Support? Our Online Community Can Help

Sometimes your running hits a plateau, or you have a question about your training, pace or nutrition you would love to know. Our community is here to answer those burning questions and keep you motivated to continue improving your running.

We built MotivCommunity for Runners like you

You’re probably wondering, what's it all about?

Well, during the first lockdown in 2020 I, like I'm sure many of you, missed the social interaction of my gym and running club. I found it hard to stay motivated and train and missed my friends spurring me on. 

So, the idea for MotivCommunity was born: an online community that allows people to keep motivated, focus on how they can improve their running and stay healthy.

Whether you just run for fun now and again, have thought about starting to run or want to do your first 5km or marathon, MotivCommunity allows you to link up with like minded people, learn from their experiences and motivate each other to meet your goals. 


What does MotivCommunity Provide?

Supportive and Helpful Community

Learn, engage and chat with other runners to keep you motivated and support you on your journey

Regular Training Tips

Learn the best way to improve your health and fitness whilst training with our top running tips and guides.

Motivational Articles

We all have motivational issues. With our RUN content we aim to keep you motivated and inspired.

Health and Nutrition Guides

Running is hard on the body. With our health and nutrition guides for runners you can make sure you are fueling your body in the right way.

Meet other Runners

Make your running Social. Meet other runners, have fun and get inspired with our friendly and helpful community.

Platform focused just on Runners

We are 100% focused on running and runners only.

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Running can sometimes feel solitary as a sport. MotivCommunity helps you meet other runners, get your questions answered, and keep you motivated.

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RUN - is a weekly email series of content that is tailored to where you are in your running journey. The aim is to inspire, help you improve and keep you motivated.

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MotivMeet is a unique new way to get motivated by running with others. The Running app is free for all runners and running clubs and allows you to join or create runs in your area, meet local runners that help motivate you to have fun, and get fitter in a safe and secure way.